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Just a few months ago, I attended the Social Media Network Train….Well I jumped on board the train.  So many interesting people, so many people interested in Social Networking.  I have come across so many interesting people since then and have enjoyed talking and tweeting with you all.

It seemed like most of the networking was going on in New Castle County, and well it’s a little hard for me and probably many of us in Lower Delaware to make it to those social events.  

My DREAM:  Though the use of #NetDe brings us all closer, my Dream is to make Delaware ONE from New Castle County to Kent and Sussex Counties.  Through the use of Social Media we are ONE and the First State Rocks when it come to using social media to unite us all.

But I wanted to see more participation from lower Delaware.  And I wanted to see a more regular events that gets us all together.

Enter #DeHappyHour.  Lets make it State Wide.  Lets have some #DeHappyHour’s downstate.  Rodney Jordan was my inspiration.  It’s hard enough for Rodney to keep up with the #DeHappyHour’s upstate, so I’m pitching in to help.

I BELIEVE:  That #DeHappyHour could work in Lower Delaware.  Maybe not as often as once a week, but maybe start out once a month.  I BELIEVE I can do this, and I BELIEVE there are others out there who are also interested.

The DARE:  So I took a dare and Flipped it out there.  I tweeted it and got responses of interest.  With the help of Elizabeth Purcell, I got a contact and venue that was interested in doing this.  After contact Chrissy from Abbott’s Grill, I found that she was excited to help me out and host our first downstate even.  What a perfect place, beautiful Downtown Milford.  What a cool place, Abbott’s Grill.  Big enough to accommodate a crowd.

DO:  Half the battle of getting something new started is stepping over the thresh hold and making it happen.  Well I did just that. I’m on the DO !  It’s starting to come together and I’m excited to be able to share this with all of you.  Lets all be Doers and help make this a success !

So to anyone, from New Castle, Kent or Sussex County.  If your into Social Media or NOT.  If you want to meet the best people in Delaware, I’d like to invite you to our first #DeHappyHour in Southern Delaware, Thursday June 3rd. from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at Abbott’s Grill in Downtown Milford.

You can get tickets (FREE) and directions by going to http://sdehappyhour.eventbrite.com

Lets all be Doer’s and come out to #DeHappyHour on June 3rd.

Thanks to Rodney Jordan, Elizabeth Purcell and Abbott’s Grill and to ALL of You who are my inspiration.

Anyone wishing to help out in future events, or in hosting or sponsoring a #DeHappyHour please contact me at sdehappyhour@comcast.net

Thanks and See you all there.


Transparency – WWWDD

WWWDD – What Would Walt Disney DO ?  If you read my Bio, you know I’m all about Walt Disney and the Disney experience.  So what would Walt Disney Do if he were alive in today’s Social Networking Age ?  He would probably embrace it for all it’s worth.  Walt Disney was very interested in what people liked and disliked.  From his movies to his parks, Walt always tried to pole the movie audience and park guests to find out what they liked or disliked, how their experience was and what would keep them coming back for more.

According to Wikipedia: Transparency, as used in the humanities and in a social context more generally, implies openness, communication, and accountability. It is a metaphorical extension of the meaning a “transparent” object is one that can be seen through.

Transparency.  I’m sure you are all sick of the word by now.  The Obama Administration has set up a whole web site dedicated to Government transparency.  Not sure anyone is listening, but that subject is for another time.   

Businesses don’t always like to hear the “bad” stuff about themselves and focus on the “good” reviews.  Have you Googled your company recently.  If you’re even listed, you may notice that MOORE >>> link under your company information.  In some cases there is a REVIEWS link with the number of reviews posted about your company. This is a place where people can write a review about your business.  If you have any reviews, are they good or bad ?  It’s hard not to take the bad reviews personally, but you should.

People are more apt to express their dissatisfaction with your business than they are to express satisfaction with your product or service.  How open and accountable is your business to the wants and needs of your customers ?  Do you communicate regularly with your clients to find out what they like or dislike about your business ?

Take for instance the recent ad campaign launched by Dominoes Pizza.  They poled their customers, found out their likes and mostly dislike about their product.  Dominoes then took to the airwaves and laid it all out there.  They showed their customer complaints and how they reinvented their product and cleaned up their act.  That is transparency.  Most small businesses don’t have the budget of Dominoes Pizza to launch a major media campaign like this, but there is a way you can keep your finger on the pulse of your customers’ opinions, likes and dislikes.  

Through the use of Social Networking tools like Facebook, Twitter and others, small business can connect with their customers and become more Transparent.  In addition, businesses can connect with new customers and network with other businesses of the same type.  It’s Free and all you need to do is get connected !

To find out more, Tune in for today’s Delaware Small Business Network Media Train from 12 to 3:00pm. Go to http://www.twitter.com and type in #NetDE in the “Search Box” You don’t need a twitter account to view the results.  

So WWWDD ?  I think Walt Disney would embrace social networking in all of it’s forms.  He probably would do it himself to find out what the trends are, what people like and dislike and to find out how he could make his parks better.  

David Podlaseck
Regional Manager
Mid-Atlantic Shore Properties, Inc.