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OK, I’m working with a lot of people who are starting to see the benefits of getting on Twitter and joining in the Delaware Twitter community. Once people get in, they realize how helpful, useful, encouraging, informative, and great this community is – it’s just the joining part that seems to be a small hurdle. More…


I was asked this question on twitter by a new Delaware tweeter, “can you teach me what #ff stands for and how do I use it ?”
Well this site is all about, asking questions about Social Media, and getting answers. So here we go.

First off #ff is a shortened version of #FollowFriday, it saves some key strokes and room to allow you to add more mentions to your tweet.

Why would you use #FollowFriday, or #FF, first a little background:

What if you didn’t know who to follow on Twitter? Would you randomly start following people? Would you follow people you see mentioned by those you already follow? Most likely you would ask your friends for recommendations since you can trust that your friends will suggest people who are worth following. Which is exactly how FollowFriday began.

In mid-January, FollowFriday began with a simple tweet:

The idea is to think of interesting people you already follow and recommend them to others.

Mykl Roventine suggested the hashtag #followfriday, and a few friends (Chris Brogan, Erin Kotecki Vest, Aaron Brazell and Jim Kukral) helped spread the word. On the first FollowFriday, there were almost two #followfriday tweets per second at its peak.

#FollowFriday: The Trend That Kept Trending
By Saturday morning, there was no trace of FollowFriday. A one-off fad, perhaps?

Then late the next Thursday night, suddenly #followfriday tweets began to appear in foreign languages! It seemed that FollowFriday was back. Now, every Friday, people suggest other people to follow. Here is a chart of the hours that #followfriday trended each week since it began:

What’s interesting is not that #followfriday trends for the full Friday each Friday, but that the bottom of the spikes have begun to spread out. Meaning that #followfriday is beginning to spread into Thursdays and Saturdays, US time. In other words: #followfriday is international.

Why #FollowFriday Works
FollowFriday is successful because of three main factors:

1. It’s easy. It takes little effort to send a tweet, something people do dozens of times a day.

2. It’s participatory. You don’t need to be part of the “Twitterati” to participate. You can suggest one person or 100 people. You can get endorsements from one person or a hundred people.

3. It’s karmic and it feels good. It’s a great feeling to simply say, “I think this person is great. You should follow them.”

Courtesy of Mashables, read the whole story

Recently, in Delaware, some people have started to add a brief explanation of why you should follow the tweeps in their #FollowFriday mentions. This helps others to know why they should follow them as well.

Oh and one last thing, generally, if you are mentioned in a #FollwFriday tweet, it’s a courtesy to thank the person who mentioned you.

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