Small Giving Campaign

This winter we’re creating our own stories by giving all our clients $10 to donate to charity of their choice and recording the results. We’ve asked a group of local Charities to share their stories, and how small donations make a difference. Interested?

Take a look, hear the stories.

This is truly a Dream, Believe, Dare and Do story. But more than that, this is a story about Passion. You don’t have to be the leader, you don’t have to do a lot, or even give a lot. But if you have a passion about a cause, group or organization, every little thing you can do goes a long way.

So get off your butt and Do Something ! The folks at 23rd & fifth have given you nine examples of where you can help. Choose one of these or choose your own.

Parents, I urge you to get your kids involved as well. Help them Do Something outside of themselves and get involved. Kids and teens under 25 years old can join Do Something: and explore their passion.

I am challenging everyone in the #NetDe twitterverse to join with 23rd & fifth and the Small Giving Campaign and find out what you can do to make a difference. Whether it’s a small donation of your resources or time. Every little bit goes a long way.