OK Delaware, the Delaware Poken is here !

Thanks to Micky Jones of Poken Philly, we have a first and hopefully final draft of the “Delaware Poken”

So What is a POKEN ?

A poken is a small USB social networking gadget that allows you to store your social networking (Facebook.com, twitter for example) profiles and share them with other Poken users by touching Pokens.

Why would I use a Poken?
Why write down URLs, scribble e-mail addresses, memorize phone numbers and trade business cards when you can quickly, easily and effortlessly trade profiles with new business contacts and friends?

Get more info on Pokens at Poken Philly

How does a Poken Work ?

Open an account at http://www.doyoupoken.com.

Attach the Poken to your keychain or keep it in your pocket or purse.

When you meet people in the Real World, put your Pokens together, and they share your Facebook, Twitter and other social network data.

Get the full scoop on POKENS at http://www.poken.com/

So here it is, the Delaware Poken:

Delaware Blue Hen Poken

Please note the purple circle will not appear on the actual Poken.

Who wants a Delaware Poken ?
Do you like the design ?

Please leave you comments here. if you would be interested in having a Delaware Poken, let me know or send a TWEET with #DePoken.
Please note if there is not enough interest, it won’t happen. I need at least 100 interested people for the Delaware Poken to become reality.
Give me your comments or let me know if you are interested.