It has come to my attention that a number of Western Sussex Small businesses are looking for guidance and training in the area of Social Network Media.  It seems that the most are looking to War Wic Tech in Salisbury for this type of training.  But local follow up and support is non-existant.

While there is a lot of training and support in Northern Delaware, as well as Eastern Sussex, it seems that western Sussex County is out of the loop.

Therefore I am calling on all or any Delaware Social Media Pros “geeks” who would be interested in helping out in this area.  Lets bring ALL of Delaware closer to being number one in the area of Social Network Media.  

I am looking to bring the Social Network Media Train to Western Sussex County.  Lets get these people incorporated into Delaware’s Social Media Network.  We need a source for these small businesses to go to for training and support.

My job…I will get the word out, make the contacts and locate a venue.  I need your help to put together a panel of Social Media “Pros” from Delaware to present and support.

If your on board with this idea, and would like to be a part of this Dream, Believe, Dare and Do opportunity, please contact me via twitter or by email at and we will start planning this event.

Thanks in advance for your help Delaware.

 Bring the Social Media Network Train to Sussex Delaware