This was my first Delaware Social media event since I started on Facebook almost a year ago, and consequently Twitter.  WOW !  I have not been able to attend tweetups in the past.  This was not a tweet up, but a chance to introduce Newbies in Delaware to Social Networking.  WOW (did I say that already ?) WOW what a turn out for this event.  I was impressed at the number of people who turned out for this event.  Many thanks to Rodney Jordan @NetworkDelaware and Ken Grant @kengrantde and all the others unmentioned for their hard work and efforts !

I was amazed at the packed house.  Being a “Twitterholic” I wore beads to indicate that I was experienced in the graces of social Media.  Many people came to me and asked questions and I had a chance to meet a lot of Newbies that were interested in Twitter and Facebook.  Many expressed interest in Twitter, but said “they didn’t get it”.

Ken Grant did a human demonstration of a bar graph that shows how twitter has expanded his company. .  Great job !  But what people don’t realize is how a single tweet can expand across the twitterverse exponentially in a matter of minutes.

I tweet for Tall Pines Campground @tallpines_del and we also have an account for our Marina, Castle Harbor Marina  @castleMarina.  I am amazed at how a single tweet about the campground or the marina will get the phone ringing or the email requests for information flowing.  We also use Facebook Fan Pages to network on a more personal basis with out residents and slip holders.  It’s a great way to stay in touch.

I’d like to see the twitterverse expand in Lower Delaware, I’m talking about Sussex County.  For those businesses and organizations in Sussex County using twitter, I’d like to propose our own hastag and lets see who’s really out there.  Lets use #SussexDe and see where it goes.  Pass it on.


David Podlaseck
Regional Manager
Mid-Atlantic Shore Properties, Inc.